About BRA

In this section you will learn more about the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) including its mission, vision, divisions, services and much more.


The Barbados Revenue Authority is responsible for the registration of:

  1. Corporations
  2. Sole-Traders & Partnerships
  3. Benevolent Organisations
  4. Superannuation Funds
  5. Annuity Contracts
  6. New Employer for PAYE
  7. Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  8. Recording Covenants
  9. Maintaining records of persons entitled to tax concessions under International Business Companies (IBC), Exempt Insurance companies (EIC), Societies with Restricted Liability (SRL) etc, legislation
  10. Approving refund of Registered Pension Plan Contributions on termination of employment of plan member.
  11. Processing refunds of witholding tax
  12. Granting extensions of filing dates for companies, partnerships and self employed persons
  13. Approving fiscal periods for companies and granting requests for changes thereto
  14. Certifying tax status of specified income types in relation to individuals and companies under the Barbados/UK tax treaty.
  15. Preparing certificates for Contracting States in relation to income earned and tax withheld in respect of non-residents

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