Income Tax

Barbados Income Tax Income Tax is levied on the income of persons resident or non-resident in Barbados. There is no tax on capital. The system of taxation is based on self-assessment.

E-Tax Administration

 The  objective of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) is to make it easier for you to conduct business with us by offering a number of online services that will be prove to be faster, safer and more efficient. The list of options will include being able to file returns, track payments made, see a listing of your obligations, monitor the status of your tax refund and so much more.

Following on from the launch of  the income tax online service back in 2009 this move will make our system the most comprehensive and modern tax administration system among Caricom countries.

We are committed  to keeping citizens both local and aboard aware of the changes to the Barbados Revenue Authority’s Tax Administration. In an effort to maintain this goal we will be providing links (outlined below) to the specific information and online services that are relevant to you – whether you’re an individual or a business.



E-Tax Administration Online