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In this section you will find all the help and resources necessary to interact with the Barbados Revenue Authority.

How To Reset Your TAMIS Password

Did You Forget Your TAMIS Password? Here's How to Reset It

Go to the website and select 'Login'


Here is where you would enter your username & password, click “I’m not a robot”, wait for the green tick and click 'Login' to access TAMIS. However, if you enter the wrong username &/or password, an error message will appear.

You have three chances to enter the correct username & password before your account is locked. To reset your password select the 'Forgot your password?' link as shown below:

Enter your username & the email address you registered with and click 'Next'

Two of your security questions will appear. Answer them exactly as you did when you originally created them (e.g. upper or lower case) and click 'Next'.

If answered accurately, a confirmation message that a temporary password was sent to your email will appear. Go into your email inbox and copy the temporary password. Then go to the TAMIS login page to enter your username and the temporary password we sent you. Click “I’m not a robot”, wait for the green tick and click 'Login' to access TAMIS.

Enter the existing password (temporary password we sent you), then enter a new password and re-enter your new password. Then click 'Update Password'.