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Statement on the Online Vehicle Registration Process

04/10/2021 10:02 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Announcements

The Barbados Revenue Authority brought the processing of first-time vehicle registrations for private and commercial motor vehicles as well as registration renewals for commercial vehicles online from Jan 11, 2021, amid the island’s COVID-19 Pause.

As expected, we received a large initial batch of applications, which created some initial delays for several car dealers and individuals. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to those persons and have addressed that by assigning additional staff and working during some weekends to bring matters up-to-date.

The Authority is redoubling its efforts to ensure the public is serviced adequately and the process is completed within 1-3 business days. Our staff are also following the correct processes to ensure the authenticity of the documents submitted. If an application takes longer, it is mainly because:

  1. Persons have submitted applications with incomplete information and/or ineligible supporting documents E.g. neglecting to include valid identification, Customs documents, etc. or providing a poor quality document scan or photo of said documents.
  2. When paying at SurePay, persons are reusing an outdated payment code for a current registration or not checking their SurePay receipts to ensure the code on the receipt matches the code we provided. 

The Authority is therefore advising persons to make sure they take some care when registering their vehicles because the reality is, a well-completed application with all required supporting documents will result in a quicker registration. We do however contact persons via email or telephone to inform them of omitted items and request they submit on the same email thread for ease of reference.

Please note we also currently have 25 uncollected vehicle registration packages and we are urging those persons to collect as soon as possible from our Bridge Street Mall payment centre between 9 am-12noon Monday-Friday.