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BRA: 10,000 Final Notices Issued

11/11/2022 01:48 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

BRA: 10,000 Final Notices Issued

The Barbados Revenue Authority has issued final demand notices in relation to arrears on Land Tax accumulated for over 10 years. This action follows the opportunity extended last year, for persons to possibly have interest waived on tax arrears.

Revenue Commissioner, Louisa Lewis-Ward, explained that this outreach represents an opportunity for property owners to work with the Authority to settle their obligations.

“We remain open and committed to engaging with taxpayers who have unpaid debt to establish the terms for repayment. Following the Minister of Finance’s offer to delinquent taxpayers last year, we have had numerous taxpayers engage with us to apply for waivers of interest and to make payment arrangements to settle their debt,” she said.

“This particular collection exercise focuses on just over 10,000 property owners who have not engaged with the Authority on their arrears.  Through this initiative, the Authority is seeking to recover approximately $247 million dollars in outstanding Land Tax inclusive of penalties and interest.”

The Authority continues to encourage those taxpayers who may be financially constrained, to use the option of settling their outstanding amounts through an arrears payment plan.