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Avoid the Deadline Rush For Stickers

Avoid the Deadline Rush For Stickers

10/10/2019 11:16 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

Avoid the Deadline Rush For Stickers

With three weeks remaining before the new deadline for road users to comply with the registration sticker requirement, the Barbados Revenue Authority is urging persons to come in early.

The Authority’s manager, communications & PR, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, shared that they did not want a repeat of what happened at the end of September. 

“There are still approximately 15,000 road users who have not yet renewed their vehicle registrations since the one month reprieve was announced and we are urging those persons to come in as soon as possible to avoid being co-mingled with persons making payments for the tax deadlines which start from the middle of every month,” she explained.

“Persons renewing their vehicle registrations is a non-cash process and we encouraging persons to come in early or to use the drop box option. For the drop box option, persons must submit their proof of insurance and contact information in a sealed envelope before dropping it into the boxes provided. The boxes are cleared twice daily and persons will be contacted for collection.”

Williams-Gayle also noted that in addition to the monthly deadlines, October 30 is the final payment date for the land tax installment discount arrangement.