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BRA Encourages Land Tax Defaulters to Settle Arrears

*Tailored payment plan available for All taxes.

08/27/2021 07:45 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

(Bridgetown, August 27, 2021) To date, over $400 million in Land Tax arrears remains unpaid to the Barbados Government. In response, the Barbados Revenue Authority (“the Authority”) has ramped up its efforts to encourage property owners to settle their outstanding bills through a payment plan programme.

Revenue Commissioner, Louisa Lewis-Ward, urges persons who owe Land Tax or any other type of tax, to pay off those arrears in full or take advantage of the Authority’s payment plan programme to avoid continued penalties and remain in good standing with the Authority.

“I advise taxpayers who are constrained financially in clearing their tax debt to contact us to have a one-on-one consultation with a Tax Collections officer, who will help to create a viable payment plan based on your cash flow.  Taxpayers should email their requests to settletax@bra.gov.bb and an officer will reach out to assist.”

The Authority’s Tax Collections Department started the initiative at the beginning of the current financial year by contacting indebted property owners directly and providing tailored payment plans.