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BRA Expands Payment Options with Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App

02/10/2020 11:59 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

BRA Expands Payment Options with Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App

In addition to the existing payment facilities in office, online and via wire transfer, the Barbados Revenue Authority now includes the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App to its payment channels for land tax transactions. With the introduction of this new channel, property owners have a second option for paying land tax bills digitally.

Wayne Forde, Revenue Commissioner (ag), Barbados Revenue Authority, indicated that the idea is to ensure that taxpayers can pay their land tax bills with ease and convenience, without having to travel to an office to make a payment.

“This initiative was born out of the mandate to make doing business with government institutions easier for those persons who have to access the services. Government is spearheading the modernisation and digital transformation of the public sector and this is one aspect of how we are helping to fulfill that vision,” he explained.

“As an institution, we are working towards becoming more citizen-centric, by providing options which allow taxpayers to interact with our services at a time a place which is convenient to them. This initiative is a good example of private and public sector partnership towards facilitating ease and increasing efficiency in our operations. This is not the last you will be hearing from the Authority in this regard. Other plans in the works for us to further support Government’s modernisation and digital transformation vision across all taxes.”