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BRA: Visitor Permit Application Goes Online

Visitors: Apply for Visitor Permit Online to drive in Barbados

10/10/2020 06:53 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

Starting Monday, October 12, the Barbados Revenue Authority will begin processing Visitor’s Permits online only. Payments will be processed through the SurePay online payment platform www.surepaybills.com and its network of locations. The Authority is also looking to expand the payment facility options for this service in the near future.  

Persons requiring a Visitor’s Permit to drive in Barbados, which is not issued by a car rental company, should complete and submit the application form found on www.bra.gov.bb via email to permits@bra.gov.bb.

  • Visitors who make an application for a period of stay under two months will be required to email a copy of their valid international driver’s licence along with the completed form.
  • Those persons making an application for a period of stay over two months, will be required to email a copy of their valid international driver’s licence along with a copy of their passport showing their working/living status in Barbados, with the application.
  • Once an application has been reviewed and approved, the applicant will receive a unique identifier number to facilitate payment via SurePay.
  • SurePay will send the Authority confirmation of payment, and the Authority will issue the Visitor’s Permit to the email address used for the application.

Guidance on the application process can be found on the Authority’s website. However, persons may contact the dedicated line for Visitor’s Permits at (246) 243-1698 or email permits@bra.gov.bb for assistance.

It should be emphasised that the application process for Visitor’s Permits through car rental companies, remains the same.

View the Processing of Visitor Permits

Download the Visitor Permit Application form HERE.