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Property Revaluation Exercise Begins This Month

03/09/2022 09:47 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

(March 4, 2022) The Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) advises the public that officers are in the field conducting property revaluations around the island. This 13-month exercise will continue until March 2023.

Property owners and residents are asked to cooperate with the Authority’s officers as they conduct the property assessments. The officers will be carrying departmental issued identification, for presentation on request.

The public should also note that as part of the revaluation programme, the officers may take pictures of properties using mobile devices.

The Authority urges the public to provide officers with the necessary cooperation as they carry out the exercise.

Should you need to verify the identity of an officer please reach out to the Barbados Revenue Authority at 231-9527.