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Requirements for Reporting FATCA and CRS

08/02/2018 11:28 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

July 30th, 2018

The Barbados Revenue Authority's Newgen portal is now available for 2017 reporting
period submissions of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) or the Common
Reporting Standard (CRS). Please make sure you complete your registration or reregistration
process before trying to finalize any submission on the portal.

Please be mindful that the deadline date for submission of FATCA and CRS has
now been extended to August 14th, 2018.

You can access documents to assist you with your submission process by clicking
need help, then helpful links

All Financial Institutions are asked to comply with the below requirements for reporting:

1. The web based portal can only be accessed using the web browsers of Internet
    Explorer or Google Chrome.
2. ALL registration will take place on the portal.
3. The portal URL for the Fl is https://aeoiportal.bra.gov.bb:8443
4. All submissions must be uploaded in XML Schema version 2.0 for FATCA
5. The following link gives guidance for the CRS XML Schema:
6. The registrant must have a valid Ematl address (EMAIL ID). A PIN will be sent
    to this address during the registration process. The email address will also be
    used in case the registrant forgets the password.
7. The Registrant MUST upload a letter of authorization from the Fl on whose behalf
    they are filing. This must be a PDF document and must be uploaded at registration.
8. The Registrant MUST upload a scanned and valid Government Issued
    picture identification (ID card or passport). This must be a PDF document and must
    be uploaded at registration.

For assistance with this process kindly contact Mr. Ryan Wiltshire (246) 535-8206 or Ms.
Marsha Davis (246) 535-8372, please forward your queries to compauth@bra.gov.bb.


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