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Tax Delinquent Properties Up for Sale

12/04/2019 12:39 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

Tax Delinquent Properties Up for Sale

The Barbados Revenue Authority continues to follow through with its promise to pursue land tax defaulters and has listed another series of properties for sale.

Carolyn Williams-Gayle, manager communications and PR at the revenue collecting agency, indicated that the Authority’s focus was on returning tax-defaulted properties to a revenue generating status. 

“Last year we indicated that the Authority would be seeking to recoup monies from chronic land tax defaulters and we started by publishing 68 properties for sale with arrears totalling approximately $15 million inclusive of penalties and interest. Five of those properties were sold while the others met with our Tax Arrears Management Unit (TAMU) to enter into payment arrangements on their outstanding debts,” she shared. 

“This series of properties is a continuation of that drive. What was published includes just under 30 properties for sale, owing approximately $3.4 million in outstanding taxes. The list includes vacant lots and properties with structures and buildings. ” 

Williams-Gayle also noted that the auctions are scheduled between January and February 2020, however, property owners have up to the day of the auction to contact the Authority and make arrangements to pay their arrears.