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Vehicle Sticker Reminder

12/22/2020 03:45 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

The Barbados Revenue Authority (Authority) reminds the public that registration stickers for privately owned vehicles are issued via the post.

Please be informed that the revised process introduced in response to the current pandemic environment remains as follows:

  • Owners of private vehicles are no longer required to visit the Authority’s offices to collect registration stickers.
  • On behalf of their clients, insurance companies submit the vehicle owners’ insurance certificates and valid cover notes to the Authority.
  • The Authority uses this information to update vehicle registrations and assign the stickers to the vehicle owner.
  • Once the information is processed and the stickers are assigned, the Barbados Licensing Authority distributes the registration certificates and stickers via mail to the address on record within the licensing system.

The owners of commercial and public service vehicles are reminded that for these categories of vehicle, the registration process has not changed.