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Mission & Vision

Learn about the Authority's mission to administer tax and much more.


To administer tax and promote voluntary taxpayer compliance in a cost-effective manner by providing quality services to taxpayers through an empowered and engaged staff.


To be a model tax administration committed to serving our taxpayers and contributing to the economic well-being of our nation. 


  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism 

Supported by characteristics of: 

  • Courtesy 
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation
  • Communication


Advancing the socio-economic development of Barbados.


The Barbados Revenue Authority (“the Authority”) was established on April
1, 2014 as a statutory corporation. As a tax administration, our mandate
includes tax collection, international tax relations with other jurisdictions
for the exchange of information and operating to ensure the financial well-being of our nation. In addition to its core functions, the Authority provides
cashiering services to the Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA) and provides
cashiering and information technology services to the Customs and Excise
Department (CED).