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Reverse Tax Credit

Who qualifies for the Reverse Tax Credit (RTC)?

An Individual who:

  1. a) is resident in Barbados and,
  2. b) earns $25 000 or less annually but not more than $2,083.33 monthly; 
  3. c) worked for at least four months during the income year and earned a minimum of $1,000 per month, or $250 per week.  

 NB: The following are not entitled to the Reverse Tax Credit:

  1. a) directors,
  2. b) self-employed persons and,
  3. c) persons in receipt of income from goods and services.


What you need to File for Reverse Tax Credit (RTC)?

  • Valid TAMIS Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Your username & password
  • Your spouse has a valid TAMIS TIN
  • It must be filed within two (2) years. For example, a 2019 RTC must be filed by December 31, 2021.


How to File for a Reverse Tax Credit?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your username (e.g. janedoe2) and password (e.g. tamis$19)
  3. Click Return then Add return. For Tax Type choose Reverse Tax Credit and choose the income year for which you are filing, (e.g. “2018” for a return being filed in 2019).
  4. Click Create Return and then Start
  5. Select your Occupation, Marital Status, enter Spouse’s TIN (if applicable) and answer all relevant questions.
  6. Ensure the figures for your Income from Employment and National Insurance Benefits are correct. Note: If information is not correct, please Cancel the return and contact your employer/s.
  7. Refund Claimed shows the total amount of the tax refund you are claiming.
  8. Click Yes to receiving your refund as a direct deposit, enter your Bank/Credit Union, Branch and Account Number.
  9. Click Next and then on the Supporting Documents page click Next.
  10. Review your return summary to ensure the information is correct. Check the Declaration Box and click Submit.
  11. The Confirmation page shows the Reverse Tax Credit claim amount for the year your filed.


How to file a Reverse Tax Credit Return