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Third-Party Filing - Templates Available

Third-party information providers should file online, all relevant statements for the reporting of amounts paid to or received by all resident persons during each income year. These are returns such as: Monthly PAYE, 2018 PAYE Reconciliation, Good and Services, Charities, Deductibles (trade unions), Withholding Tax, Withholding Tax Reconciliation, Contributions.

You can either file your third-party returns using the E-filing (webform) option or the Bulk E-filing option on the TAMIS website For Bulk E-filing, you are required to download and complete the relevant Microsoft Excel template or the XML Schema. 

Guidelines For PAYE Filing

*Please note that monthly PAYE returns must be filed by all employers. These returns should contain the relevant info (TINs, names, total remuneration, tax deducted, allowances, etc.) of all employees, including those who don't pay tax (similar to the TD5 slips or A47:009 forms in the previous ETAX system). Click here for guidelines on how to use the Microsoft Excel template for filing PAYE returns.

See filing video & templates below for your convenience: