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BRA Taking Filing Constraints Into Consideration

BRA Taking Filing Constraints Into Consideration

(May 30, 2019) Mindful of the challenges on the part of both employers and employees, the Barbados Revenue Authority will be implementing measures so that employees will not be negatively impacted by their inability to file by May 31. 

Manager Communications and PR at the Authority, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, shared the challenges the Authority had been seeing. 

“Over the last few days leading up to the deadline, we have seen a steady stream of persons coming to our offices for assistance and reporting that their information is not in the system. Some of the major challenges for this year have been the tardy submission of TINs to employers and third party providers as well as the late upload of employee information,” she explained. 

“During this week we also saw persons still coming to register and submit TINs to employers. As these numbers are submitted, the providers have to replace the information which was previously uploaded into TAMIS with an updated file. This all contributes to delays in persons seeing their information.” 

Williams-Gayle reminded persons coming to the Authority for assistance, that they should walk with their identification card, TAMIS username and password as well as their banking information and where applicable, a valid TAMIS number for their spouse to help the process go much faster. 

She also highlighted the individuals who are required to file personal income tax (PIT). 

“By law, all persons earning income over $25,000, pensioners in receipt of pension over $40,000 and all self-employed persons, including those who have made under $25,000 are required to file personal income tax,” she noted.