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Tax Amnesty Programme Underway Until November 30

Tax Amnesty Programme Underway Until November 30

The Barbados Revenue Authority today announced that the Tax Amnesty programme as outlined in the Budgetary Proposal 2017 is in progress.

Individuals and businesses who owe the Government outstanding taxes have the opportunity to take advantage of the Tax Amnesty which runs until November 30. During the six month timeframe, those who wish to participate in the programme can apply to pay past-due taxes and have the penalties and interest waived.

The taxes eligible for the Tax Amnesty programme are Value Added Tax (VAT), Land Tax, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and P.A.Y.E. Debt incurred as at May 31, 2017 for any of the taxes included in the programme will be eligible for the waiver of penalty and interest.

Those persons who are interested in participating in the Tax Amnesty will be required to complete and application form to enter the programme. Application forms can be downloaded from the Authority’s website at or collected from any of the Authority’s offices with the exception of the Pine.

Taxpayers can get more information, including the guidelines for the Tax Amnesty from the Authority’s website.