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In this section you can make payments online or view the other options to make your tax payments.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Room Rate (RRL), Shared Economy SEL) and Product Development Levies (PDL) (filed on the VAT return) are filed and paid in TAMIS at

Paying Online

1) Pay the above taxes online in TAMIS by clicking the EZpay+ tab on the payment page. Pay using a credit card or with the debit account option. To pay using debit account (bank to bank), you must first register at, login and click 'Bank Accounts' and follow the directions to validate your bank account. Once validated you can select the debit account option in TAMIS.

Paying In-Person

Pay by chequecash or card. Taxpayers should first file their return and create an Electronic Payment Advice (EPA) in TAMIS. Either print the EPA (sent via email) or write EPA number on the back of the cheque and present it to the cashier upon payment.

Drop Box

Place cheque with EPA attached or written on the back into a sealed envelope and place in any one of our 6 drop boxes (Drop box available at each BRA location).