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What types of cheating/fraud can you report?

Different types of cheating you can report:

  • not declaring all income
  • creating false expenses or tax deductions
  • taking cash “under the table”
  • not filing tax returns when required
  • setting up a fake business to claim losses and reduce taxes
  • businesses not remitting proper source deductions
  • falsely claiming tax benefits or credits
  • creating false or deceptive documents or records
  • charities making profits from non-charitable activities
  • individuals receiving the Reverse Tax Credit (RTC) or the Compensatory Income Tax Credit (CITC) who do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • businesses or charities that are misusing their status.
  • businesses, charities, or non-profits that are misusing the VAT Loan Fund (VLF)


You will remain anonymous

When you report suspected tax or benefit cheating (by submitting a lead), you will not be asked to disclose personal information about yourself. The protection of personal information is important, and the Authority is committed to protecting your identity. In providing a lead, you should expect that the Authority will act upon the information submitted. The Authority has strict protocols in place for handling lead information. The Authority will do all it can to protect your identity along with any information that suggests you submitted a lead, to the fullest extent possible under the law.

The Authority’s use of information and documents

The information you provide is collected under the authority of the tax statutes of Barbados, and it is protected under the confidentiality provisions of those laws, as well as by privacy laws that impose strict limits on what the Authority can disclose. The Authority may use the information you provide to make sure taxpayers meet their tax obligations and that claimants are entitled to benefits.


When the Authority receives a lead (it must be in English), it will take these steps:

  • verify the identity of the suspected cheat
  • review the lead to determine if cheating occurred
  • take the appropriate action to address the specific type of cheating