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The Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment appoints the members of the Tribunal, comprising persons who appear to be qualified or experienced in law, tax, accounting, public administration or such other areas as may be required for discharging the functions of the Tribunal.

The Chairman must be a member who has been a judge of the Supreme Court or a person qualified to be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court. Members serve for three (3) years but are eligible for reappointment.

In March 2019, the Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment, the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., MP appointed the following persons as members of the Tribunal:

Sir David Simmons KA, B.C.H, Q.C. Chairman
Mr. Patterson Cheltenham, G.C.M., Q.C. Deputy Chairman[1]
Dr. Marion Williams, G.C.M., MSc., Ph.D. Member
Mr. Martin Cox G.C.M., B.A, MSc. Econ, C.P.A. Member
Mr. Alrick Scott, Q.C.  Member
Ms. Vere Brathwaite   Member
Mr. Jeffrey Gellineau, BComm Member
Mr. Michael Armstrong Member

[1] NOTE: Mr. Cheltenham, G.C.M., Q.C. was appointed Chief Justice of Barbados in November 2020 and has subsequently been awarded Barbados’ highest National Honour, Knight of St. Andrew (KA), and will in future be addressed as Sir Patterson Cheltenham, K.A., G.C.M., Q.C.