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Filing Returns & Making Payments

As part of its strategy to integrate the use of electronic channels as the normal way for conducting tax business, the Authority requires mandatory electronic filing for the payment of taxes and also provides the option for electronic payments. Both can be done through the TAMIS portal. This online facility allows you a secure way to:

  • File tax returns
  • Pay tax liabilities
  • Access your tax details

Employing people

When you have employees, you will have certain responsibilities to deduct employment taxes from your employee's gross pay. Employers are required to report their employees’ pay and deductions to the Barbados Revenue Authority on a monthly basis. This information is to be filed in TAMIS.

Employers should note that all new employees need to submit their Tax Identification Number (TIN) to you so that the information which is uploaded into the tax system is accurate. Someone who has never worked before will be required to register for a TIN in the TAMIS and submit their information to you.